Forever my heartthrob Jason Statham

7 Movies starring Jason Statham to get you pumped up

Who says women don’t watch action movies? Well, if the actor is the permanent resident of hunk town, a totally ground to earth, humble personality and is a family man being truly committed to his long time lady love, count us in.

Watching Jason Statham perfecting each and every character he plays from one movie to another setting a benchmark for every other actor in this genre.

I have been watching his movies dating right back to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels made by Guy Ritchie who is said to have spotted Statham when he used to sell knock off perfumes and jewelry on London street corners.

The role of ‘Bacon’ was written for him and which propelled his career in Hollywood stardom.

We have seen him play a cop, a con man, a hit man, a military man and even the badass villain turned the good guy in Fast and Furious series.

All his movies starting from The one to The Expendables no matter how big or small his role is he manages to always leave his strong impression behind.

 He is the guy who is fearless, dedicated and passionate about everything he takes up from being a professional diver to being called the “Last action hero” here is to our Hero Jason Statham who we love.

Here I bring to you the list of 7 movies which will make you drool over this charismatic man and that accent I fell in love with more than his stunts and that perfectly chiseled body (fan-girl moment).

1. The Transporter (1, 2 and 3)

Ex-Special Forces operator Frank Martin lives a quiet life or rather a life of unknown is now turned to be a mercenary transporter who delivers goods, humans or otherwise from one place to another. No questions asked. Signed, sealed and delivered.

Every sequel better than the previous one

Every part has a different plot everytime revolving around the transporter with some recurring characters like Francois Berleand as Inspector Tarconi.

Must watch for adrenaline rush, action sequences and gripping story telling with of course Jason’s acting and stunt skills. His chemistry with all the three leading ladies from each part is undeniably hot and convincing. Well, how far can you go for the one you love? Answer is The Transporter goes above and beyond and can swim oceans!

Movie Buff tip: Lookout for the romantic playful scene between a shirtless Jason and utterly seductive Natalya Rudakova over the cliff in the third installment of the series. Man! those arms of Jason, we envy you Natalya!

2. The Bank Job (2008)

We saw Jason working along in a team with Mark Wahlberg in the heist movie The Italian Job but in The Bank Job Jason takes the game to another level by being the gang leader making a team of his own.

Jason plays the role of Terry Leather a car salesman, devoting husband and a doting dad working hard from dawn to dusk just to make ends meet is approached by Martine Love (Saffron Burrows) his ex-flame to rob a bank by forming a gang. Terry reluctantly agrees however, things start to spiral downwards while in the mid of the job. Will Terry make it to the end? What is Martine hiding and why she came into his life after all these years? What repercussions does this alliance will bring to Terry and his happily married life? But, the big question is can Martine be trusted?

Movie Buff fact: This movie is said to be loosely based on the 1971 Baker Street Robbery in central London and stays true to the originality. Watch this scintillating flick now on prime!

3. Mechanic (2011)

Arthur is a cold blooded contract killer who makes his victim look like as if they died by natural causes without leaving any trace. He sets out to avenge his mentor and best friend Harry McKenna’s (Donald Sutherland) death by mentoring his Son and teaching him the nuances of crime and how to get away with it.

When in a jam call the mechanic

As they go deeper a series of lies, deceit and betrayal unfolds. Who killed Harry? Was it someone more close to him than his own son ever was? Will Harry’s son be ever loyal to Arthur? Watch the most loved movie of Jason right now which is available on prime!

4. Death Race (2008)

When innocent Jensen Ames played by Jason Statham is falsely accused in his own wife’s murder and is sent to prison under the watch of a ruthless warden Hennessey. His only chance of getting his freedom is to compete in a car race which is fatal, brutal and illegal where the only rule is – NO RULE.

A race of a lifetime

Millions watch it being live streamed as criminals race to their freedom. Will Jensen ever get out alive? Will he be absolved of his charges? The empire of warden Hennessey will ever crumble? All these questions make Death Race a compelling, adrenaline rushing watch.

Movie Buff tip: Keep an eye on Tyrese Gibson and his fanatics throughout the movie 😉

5. Crank 1 & 2

Okay, so I cringed while watching these two and was totally embarrassed for most of the parts 😀 in Crank and Crank High Voltage. In this movie series Jason plays a completely different character with his eccentricities. The concept was innovative where Jason’s character Chev is injected a poison that requires him to keep his adrenaline rush going up in order to stay alive.

Well Chev does all the shenanigans to stay alive and keeping enemies at the bay from himself and his lady love the ever beautiful and petite Amy Smart.

Movie Buff tip: Watch out for the hilarious horse race course scene in Crank 2 High Voltage between Jason and Amy here.

6. Parker (2013)

Jason playing a con artist Parker is left to die after a job done by his crew members who double cross him. Somehow managed to survive he sets out to take revenge and to get back with his fiancé who thinks Parker is long gone. While plotting the plan and setting out the trap he meets Leslie played by eternally beautiful Jennifer Lopez who becomes his trusted ally.

Payback has a new name

Movie Buff tip: JLo doing high octane action scenes makes us go wa-wa. Parker and Leslie now that is one combo we call bold and beautiful!

7. Chaos

Even a chaos, a mess has a pattern and an order to it.

Wesley Snipes and Jason Statham join forces in this one making it an irresistible watch. When a bank is being robbed and the innocents are being held hostage a special veteran detective joins forces with a rookie policeman played by the chocolate boy Ryan Phillippe to carry out the negotiations.

An ordered chaos!

Movie Buff tip: don’t miss the beginning and please don’t reveal the end 😉

Bonus:  Revolver (2005)

Well since, your Curly Girl loves you all so much how can I not share a bonus flick to adore Jason even more 😉 .

Guy Ritchie and Jason always bring magic to our screens

Revolver is a movie which has all the legendary actors like Ray Liotta, Mark Strong, Andre 3000 and Vincent Pastore. Jake Green (Jason Statham) serves seven-years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Upon his release, he defeats Dorothy Macha  (Ray Liotta) in a casino game and wages a war against Macha to settle his scores.

Can’t get enough of him? Welcome to the club fellas! So, here is one more gem of a movie starring Jason for your eyes only 😉

Blitz (2011)

Now this where Luke Evans and Jason’s pairing might have started off first which later must have paved a way for their deadly brotherhood combo in Fast and Furious movie franchise.

Killer Cop Jason takes one for the team

Blitz revolves around the plot where a psychopath serial killer targets police officers and kills them. Jason plays the character of Detective Tom Brant who is tasked to track him down. However, the culprit constantly frustrates him with his elusiveness. this movie is fully packed with robust action sequences and gives a deeper insight into the psyche of a mentally troubled man. Watch this movie with an intriguing pace right now here!

So, these were some of the best movies of Jason Statham that I curated in a list only for you. I would love to know how you guys liked them and how many of these you have already watched and how many did you watched after reading about them here in the comments section below.

Hope you guys enjoy watching this man with class and panache on your screens like I do. No matter how many celebrity crushes come and go Jason Statham will be forever my heartthrob **Blush**

With Love,

Curly Girl <3

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