6 books by Liane Moriarty which will leave you spellbound

Liane Moriarty Promises a good read

Bonjour les amis!

Lockdown life has taught all of us to be self dependant and to be extra careful. It has also shown that there is no best time than the present.

So, to make most of it of course after slogging 9 to 10 hours dedicated for office work everyone these days seems to be trying to pursue their hobbies, talent and some long lost passion. Trying out those internet recipes which you always wanted to try but with minimal ingredients which, absolutely is an art in itself by the way, some are back to sketching, writing poems, articles, back doing photography dusting off their cameras.

Isn’t that a wonderful thing? Getting back in touch with your inner soul, doing things which give you utmost joy and immense pleasure.

Well, as for me during after hours I am learning French these days and if you ask about my progress in it I would say that I can introduce myself pretty well. Enchantée!

As I spend rest of the time binge watching like a lazy bum I am, I also happen to love to binge read and get lost in the world of pure imagination where I create the characters in my mind, their appearances their entire look and just everything about it. That is a fascinating world we readers love to dive into don’t we?

Just lock me up in a room full of books I will forget the rest of the world and it will be like a trip to Disneyland for me 😀 .

In fact my idea of a perfect weekend is curling up in bed with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. One such intriguing series of books left me fascinated were written by an author who I came across when Big little lies started premiering on our televisions and OTT platforms back in 2017 is Liane Moriarty.

The woman herself- Liane Moriarty

Born in 1966 Liane is an Australian author based out of Sydney. She has written over eight novels and has sold over 14 million copies of her book worldwide which have been translated into thirty-nine languages.

Once I started reading one of her books I wasn’t able to keep it down and read it from cover to cover all night till the sun came up at 6.00 am in the morning that’s when I knew I was hooked!

Hence, I started searching more of her books and thanks to Google I got to know her amazing pieces of work.

Each one better than the other

So, here I bring you the list of 6 books by Liane Moriarty which will put any blockbuster movie to shame in fact her books are something every film industry in the world should take inspiration from.

Treasures by Liane Moriarty

1. Big Little Lies

Okay, so this one had to be the number one as we all know HBO has a mini series starring stellar star cast consisting Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Zoë Kravitz and Laura Dern.

It is a woman’s world

This novel came out in 2014 and has the entire premise set in Australia and what goes about in private schools and lives of the children and their parents. This novel spoke about serious issues like bullying, date rape and domestic violence and how not only the poor strata of the society but also the wealthy, mighty privileged class too is also not shielded from it.

When one of the characters dies on the trivia night hosted by a private school all the people present are suspects and witnesses. Police investigation leads to open up the Pandora’s box and what comes out is a series of lies, deceit and betrayal.

Of course, as we know whenever a movie or a show is based on any novel or a literary piece of art the makers take a creative liberty and does some changes in the plot. Here too the HBO mini series is shown to be set in the US and has some changes to keep the pace going. But to our luck Liane Moriarty is also one of the show’s writer and producer so we get to see the complete justice done to the book.

Whoa! Burn! Meryl sure has come to ruffle some feathers

I bet you can’t keep this book down until you finish it but please don’t be disheartened once you reach at the end. Because the best thing is HBO did brought its second season last year in 2019 to tie up all the loose knots which are not part of the book with Oscar winning best actress of all generations – Meryl Streep with more plot twists and an apt ending.

2. The Husband’s Secret

This book came out in the year 2013 and is about three women Cecilia, Rachel and Tess and how their lives get interconnected unexpectedly when one of them discovers a devastating secret.

Imagine finding a letter which was meant to be read after one’s husband’s death but is found and read by one of the women while he is very much alive as this letter has the potential to destroy and cause upheaval in the life which has been built together by them through all these years and can cause a massive turmoil in others lives as well.

Some secrets never leave us alone

Can you imagine the earth shattering repercussions it can bring into the lives of these three women who don’t even know each other.

This is one book which is a gripping tale and makes us think can you really know your spouse even after spending decades with them, living with them and how well do we know ourselves?

3. Three Wishes

But, wishes are only granted in fairy tales!

Three sisters, three birthdays and three wishes!

In Liane Moriarty’s smashing debut novel we meet Lyn, Cat and Gemma Kettle.

These are the Kettle sisters for you. Born on the same day these triplets are connected to each other more than sharing the same womb. Each one of them is a woman of her own and endures her own fare share of drama in her life.

Lyn is an organized, precision oriented wanting to have a perfect life kind of a woman who has been juggling her work, marriage and motherhood with utmost perfection. But, is she really put together as her life seems from outside as perfect as her datebook looks?

Cat had a wonderful marriage with dreams of becoming a mother soon. She has meticulous driving skills and as her husband would say, “Babe, you drive like a guy”. She has just learned a startling secret about her dreamy marriage which has left her devastated making her think can she now bring a new life in this dubious world?

Gemma the free spirited, single and always ready to mingle, adventurous sister whose commitment phobia gets up high whenever her relationships hit the six-month mark. Well, it seems that a certain young man has found her way to Gemma’s heart but will she commit to him or will bolt on him this time too?

In this witty, wise and hilarious novel let’s find how these three sisters will struggle to keep up with their personal lives, their divorced and dating again parents and their overtly tech- savvy Grandma.

Their 33rd birthday is going to be a special one as they embark upon a year full of hope. Will the year turn out to be their best? Will they finally get what they wished for on their birthdays?

As they say be careful what you wish for!

Read on to find it and get lost in this intriguing tale to wish only if you could be one of the Kettle sisters.

4. The Last Anniversary

Answers to the future are often hidden in the past

If you love solving mysteries then you would love this one.

One abandoned baby. Two sisters with a secret. Last chance to rewrite the past.

Gummy island was a sleepy tourist attraction but with the act of kindness from two sisters it suddenly became talk of the town.  Approximately, 70 years ago Munro family disappeared into thin air leaving behind no trace but only their newborn baby abandoned in a room. When neighbors Rose and Connie Doughty found the baby these sisters decide to keep the baby and raise her as their own.

Thus, unsolved ‘Munro Baby Mystery’ intrigued the tourists by becoming center point of attraction.

Years later after Connie’s death her niece Sophie Honeywell is back to the island making Rose wonder if what they did years ago was morally right? Can she keep up covering the web spun of lies only for the sake of her community and family for generations?

 What happened to the family which was disappeared just like that? What other secrets and lies are hidden on this Gummy Island? For who exactly Sophie is back? Her ex-boyfriend is now happily married and is a father of a new born. What havoc will she bring into his life?

5. Truly Madly Guilty

Guilt is the thief of life – Anthony Hopkins

Six responsible adults, three adoring kids and one cute dog. A weekend with barbecue to relax and chill with your neighbors.

A normal weekend. Or is it a weekend which is too good to be true. A perfect recipe for disaster.

Little did everyone knew that this would be that weekend which is going to change their lives forever.

Plot revolves around Sam and Clementine who has a picture perfect family with two little daughters. Erika who is best friends with Clementine as they have their own bond since childhood and can talk to each other without even speaking a word just with a single look but theirs is a complicated relationship. When Erika mentions about an invitation to a friendly barbecue with their new neighbors Vid and Tiffany both Sam and Clementine agree as Vid and Tiffany’s eccentricities and larger than life personalities will be of a huge relief.

Fast forward after 2 months when it is raining cats and dogs Sam and Clementine couldn’t help but to think to themselves what if they hadn’t gone? Did what had happened would have been averted?

This is one novel which leaves us thinking that often what isn’t said is so powerful than what we do say and the most innocent, delicate moments has the potential of doing greatest harms.

Guilt my friends, can expose the faulty foundations of seemingly perfect, stronger relationships. This is what Liane has portrayed so effortlessly.

That one weekend left everyone who attended the barbecue truly, madly guilty!

P.S. Pay keen attention to the cover photo as it holds the major clue to the plot 😉

6. What Alice Forgot

Forgetfulness is a form of blessing!?

Alice is 29 and is happily married to the love of her life. Her husband and she are madly in love with each other and are on the verge of starting a new family with their unborn child with whom Alice is pregnant.

She wakes up to find that she has an injury to her head since she fell off from the bike while at the gym. She is surprised because she completely hates the GYM.

As she is gathering herself and trying to recuperate she discovers that her dreamy honeymoon has long been over and she is in fact in the middle of a nasty divorce from her husband, she has three kids and she is 39 years old.

She has whatsoever no memory left of these forgotten 10 years due to amnesia. She also has to find out why she and her sister now even barely talk to each other who once were inseparable and how the hell she has become one of those upper class, super skinny mommy who wears expensive clothes and uses luxurious beauty products and make up with a keen perfection.

What happened in all those years? What drove her to divorce her much affectionate husband and her adorable kids who yearn for her love but she has no memory of them. Will they let her back in their lives? What was the reason of their resentment towards her?

Ultimately, Alice has to discover if it is a bane that she forgot those 10 years of her life or is it a blessing in disguise and a chance to start over and do things right this time?

Well, read on to find out what Alice forgot in this witty story full of humor yet loving and packing the right emotions at right places which is said to be a major film soon by the makers of ”Devil Wears Prada”  if rumors are to be believed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes one because it has all the major virtues of becoming a box office smashing movie in fact I would love to see and prefer our eternally gorgeous Jennifer Aniston adorning the role of Alice!

And that smile! takes away your worries

After reading Liane’s books one might wonder that life isn’t different in the land down under than what it is for us or around us that’s why I could totally relate with her and could sympathize with the characters created by her in her books. C est la vie (such is life).

You can tell me in the comments section below if you have read any of her books from the list or any other books written by her which are not in the list. Also, do recommend me any book which you have liked as I would love to read them 🙂 .

Till then, I am going to read my next book from Liane Moriarty which is 2018’s one of the bestsellers and which Hulu has already picked up for a series to be debuted in 2021 starring Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy and Luke Evans (OMG!). Dream cast you got there people.

Sounds amazing isn’t it?

Adhering to my newfound French connection, Au revoir.

With Love,

CurlyGirl <3

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