Puckered Up

Let your lips do all the talking!

“To make lips look naturally pink, I put on red lipstick, wipe it off, and then apply clear gloss”

– Halle Berry

What if I told you that there is one such product invented which will spare us all the trouble as mentioned by legendary Hollywood action queen Ms. Halle Berry.

Gone are those days when prepping your lips to make them appear naturally pink would take hours and infallible precision right from lining to filling up the lips.

I was bored from applying lipsticks on daily basis while at work which would feel heavy after some time on lips and was looking for a more subtle and light weight option to bring out the natural tint and enhance the color of the lips.

The body shop listened to our troubles and granted our wish by creating one such wondrous product- The Body Shop Lip and Cheek stain.

I came across this product when one of my dear friends advised me to go for it and recommended me the 01 Pink Hibiscus shade.

I ordered it immediately from Amazon for Rs.1065.00 for a quantity of 7.2ml.

The packaging of the bottle is sturdy and is made of plastic and the sponge applicator screw cap is well shaped in the form of a flattened bud which makes it extremely easy to line the lips and to fill in the rest.

My little magic potion

This bottle of lip and cheek stain is completely travel friendly, spill-proof and can fit easily in your make up pouch or wallet.

The texture of the stain is pretty watery and spreads on your lips easily.

Before applying, ladies please make sure you scrub your lips to remove any dead skin and keep them well moisturized a night before to ensure smooth application the next day.

To test the product I applied it directly by first lining the outer line of my lips and filling the rest with its applicator tip.

Initially, to check the color I applied only a single coat.

Even with a single coat you can see the shade is well pigmented and gives the beautiful rosy pink natural tint on lips.

Once, the first coat was completely dried I began applying the second layer of the stain over it by sometimes gently dabbing the applicator and then gliding it on the lips.

After the second coat my lips started looking even more vibrantly tinted as that pinkish hue was making them look even more radiant than ever.

Watch out the video on how to correctly apply the lip tint and line them for the alluring look.

To spread the stain evenly you can use a lip brush or the given applicator instead of a finger to keep the germs out.

Also, to make your lips look more plump I would recommend to use a lip plumper first.

I use the Tvakh lip plumper which contains cinnamon extract.

I had received this product in my monthly fab bag and I have never let go of this one ever since. This is one magical product I always swear by and always put on my lips religiously beneath whatever lipstick I wear to enhance the color and to make it more long lasting.

Coming to the staying power of The Body Shop Lip and Cheek stain -01 Pink Hibiscus after applying 2 coats I had dinner (well, you can imagine a complete Indian meal 😉 ) also it is non-transferrable to other surfaces as I drank water couple of times from a glass.

The product remained intact without the need of any re-application and stayed on for more than 4 hours without frequent touch ups.

As I had not exfoliated my lips the night before or in a longer time now to be honest, I did observed the product to settle in between the cracks of my lips at certain areas. So, exfoliation and moisturizing is must before applying any lipstick or stain for those tantalizing, irresistible lips 😘

When in doubt always pout- Be pout ready!

When it comes to applying it on cheeks the results are far better than rouge or blush. As the cheek stain does its job by easily blending in and instantly giving the “rosy cheeks” glow.

I didn’t apply any base like foundation or primer on the skin here before and had put on the cheek stain directly on bare skin even so, the result was amazing!

Rose kissed cheeks

All in all The Body Shop Lip 01 Pink Hibiscus  is a “must-have” item in your kitty for those days when you don’t want that whole made up look and are looking for a rather lighter yet elegant look with a natural hue to turn the heads and showcase the born beauty you are!

Tell me your thoughts and experiences with this shade or any other shade which you have tried from The Body Shop. Also, let me know other lip and cheek stains which worked wonders for you.

Your CurlyGirl is eager to hear from you and would love to try what you guys would recommend. I am all ears!

With Love,

CurlyGirl <3

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