‘Feel good’ shows to binge on for that instant mood uplift

Well, well you people! Weekend is here and if you don’t binge watch while eating all those lockdown recipes you cooked at your home then it isn’t weekend at all.

Give your Dalgona Coffees and cakes a company with these shows meant to make you feel joyful and happy about family, friends, love, life and everything around you.

Or even better, curl up in a quilt with a bowl filled up with popcorn old school style and dive into the world of fun, frolic and happiness with these shows.

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

First and foremost on the list has to be everyone’s favourite show. F.R.I.E.N.D.S was and still is there for some people in good times or bad. This show first aired in the year 1994 but still somehow magically feels relevant still in 2020 because it was way ahead of its time, be it the plot and story line of the show or the eternally gorgeous Rachel Green’s hair, wardrobe and makeup. All of us at some point or other in our lives have gone through the same problems these friends had which makes this show connect with everyone personally. Ah! Those simpler yet wonderful times of 90’s. Nostalgia, a ton!

2. The Office (U.S)

Now this is kind of a tie for the no.1 spot. Created by Greg Daniels and Ricky Gervais it was a remake of the UK show with same name. As the name suggests this revolves in an office setting where you deal with your co-workers and sometimes you just bear with them but in the end love them or hate them they are like your family and office is just a home away from home because we spend a large part of our day here.

This is the show where Steve Carell’s “that’s what she said” jokes came to life!

Michael Scott and his sheer hate towards Toby the HR guy

3. 30 Rock

Legendary Tina Fey and evergreen Alec Baldwin in this show based on behind the scenes of a writer’s dilemma and all the struggles involved to keep the show running on screen. Based on Tina Fey’s own personal experience of working as a writer on Saturday Night Live. I can bet after watching it you will fall in love with Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon along with empathising her 30-something single woman problems and her vivacious smile even more.

P.S. watch out for the cool cameos of your favourite stars like David Schwimmer aka Ross Geller, Mathew Broderick etc. throughout the show and thank me later 😉

4. Veep

I love women in comedy. I mean put comedy, stellar performances by the female lead and sassy one liners with a rock solid script and Bam! There is one hell of a show you got there. One such show is Veep which Julia Louis Dreyfus carried on her shoulders and certainly elevated it with every season.

Our protagonist Selina Meyer played by Julia is Vice President a.k.a Veep of the country and aspires to become POTUS one day. She is ambitious, she is cunning, she is charming and hell lot of sarcastic and willing to go to any length to grab The Chair in the oval office. The show is extremely funny that you are bound to miss the next joke while you are laughing at the current one! Julia Louis Dreyfus puts her heart, soul, mind and life in Selina Meyer who is a total badass. Hence, this one takes the cake!

5. Entourage

Boys will be boys, bad boys won’t they 😉 ? Gang of 4 childhood friends who come from Queens to L.A for making it big in Hollywood after Vince’s film career takes off in the world full of glitz, glamour, luxury with lavish lifestyle and adventure. With trusting, hardworking agent Ari Gold who is specially gifted for inventing new cuss words 😀 standing like a rock by Vince’s side. This show gives new meaning to friendship and will make you hug your buddies a little bit tighter who are with you through thick and thin.

Lookout for a parade of well known Hollywood stars throughout the show and movie.

6. Seinfeld

Talking about the 90’s nostalgia it’s hard not to mention everyone’s favorite before F.R.I.E.N.D.S was created it was Seinfeld who stole the show on sitcoms. Stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his bunch of friends Kramer, George and Elaine played by our lovely VEEP Julia Louis Dreyfus :D, some say this show is even better and much humorous than F.R.I.E.N.D.S. well why don’t you watch for yourself and tell me what you think.

P.S. watch out for our F.R.I.E.N.D.S alumni Monica Geller aka Courtney Cox and Janice aka Maggie Wheeler (without her nasal voice) doing guest appearances.

7. Ballers

Dwayne Johnson doing T.V show? And is all about football? Well count me in. Dwayne playing Spencer Strasmore who is an ex-NFL player. After his retirement he starts managing the finances of his old mates and younger players as an agent. His boss Joe Krutel played by Rob Corddry has faith in him that he will soon learn the game behind the game. Brilliant performances and badass humor which will give you gut hurting laughs keeps you at the edge of the seat through all its 5 seasons.

Boys in Ballers play hard and party even harder

8. Cougar Town

Courtney Cox is back and how! Here Courtney is a lovable mom and a newly divorced, single again facing the mid life crisis, wine loving, real estate agent Joules Cobb. To help her get through this new superficial dating world obsessed with beauty and youth is her cul-de-sac crew. This is one of the show which is bound to give you sheer happiness.

P.S watch out for her ‘friends’ doing special cameos throughout the show’s 6 season run.

Joules and her fam

9. Silicon valley

Life of a programmer“. This isn’t just a sentence but an entire emotion in itself. Being an ex-programmer myself I could relate to each and everything which Richard and his group of friends go through right from developing the application to the testing phase and launching it is even harder than it looks. As they are trying to make it big in Silicon Valley by finding an investor for their app Pied Piper. Don’t miss out on the epic banter, insult spewing, having Tom and Jerry kind of a chemistry of his fellow programmer friends Dinesh played by Kumail Nanjiani and Gilfoyle played by Martin Starr.

10. Desperate Housewives

Desperate times, desperate measures and if you mess with them, these ladies are here to make it a hell lot nastier. After the suicide of their very own fellow housewife and friend Mary Alice Young. Four friends of Wisteria Lane take a vow to share everything with each other and be there for each other in this seemingly perfect neighbourhood. Get in to the lives filled with secrets, lies and steamy, forbidden romances of Susan, Bree, Gaby and Lynette where women rule the world. Oh! That sinful, delicious looking apple 😉 This prime time Emmy Award winning show is the one which will guaranteed to leave you wanting for more.

Witty Gabby at her sarcastic best

11. The Good Place

What if someone dies and goes straight up to heaven or a heaven-like after life?

Sounds normal isn’t it? But, if that someone who has lived morally corrupt life all their life and is mistakenly put there and in order to stay there is hiding her past from the heaven managing authorities, then? Sounds interesting, right? Well this is what Eleanor Shellstrop played by Kristen Bell is doing all over The Good Place.

12. Suits

So, this one is for the best closer this city could ever have dynamic Harvey Specter and his protégé Mike Ross with photographic memory and all the intricacies of the corporate law. Suits is another show which should not have ended since, it is a treat for both eyes and mind so, lets get lost in the world of Harvey, Donna, Mike, Rachel and of course Louis. Just watch the first episode, come back and tell me if you have been Litt!

Charming men of Suits

13. How I met your mother

A loving dad Ted Mosby reminiscing to his children about how he met their mother and the fun ride involving his friends Lily, Marshall, Robin and Barney (the man who does not have a bad photograph, nope, not even one!)

Meet the gang kids!

14. Angie Tribeca

Rashida Jones as a seasoned cop in this spoof crime comedy/parody with intriguing cases and more intriguing colleagues to keep you making laugh till your stomach hurts 😀

15. Gossip girl

Okay, okay I know this one is a bit of a teen show and more so some really goofed up plots like Dan and Serena (loved them, rooted for them) but then Lily and Rufus, Dan and Blair, Nate-Blair-Chuck and then Dan and Serena again? Ughh, yikes. Meanwhile, Chuck being Chuck in Victrola and Nate lost somewhere between Vanessa and Jenny.

The one who left the party early was our smart man Eric Van der Woodsen! And totally adorable Dorota.

Come on guys we loved it, we gossiped about it and sometimes loathed it (and their unreal uniforms as well) 😀 but in the end we all wanted to be in the world of our B and S but I am not the one to tell. XoXo 😉

Wish we could have gone to a school this cool

16. Schitt’s Creek

Bankruptcy forces a millionaire family to move to the only town left to their name is Schitt’s Creek.

Watch out the real struggle in a funny way of having it all and loosing it then trying hard to get back if they could. Catherine O’hara and Eugene Levy both are well versed in their acting skills needless to say takes the show to another level.

17. Mom

Enrolled in AA both mother and daughter Bonny and Christy has made friends there who support each other. But, Christy has to deal with her estranged mom Bonny’s eccentricities when she is back to live with her. Permanently. Also, adding fuel to the drama is Christy’s own daughter and ex-husband and his new wife. Watch out for astounding chemistry between Allison Janney and Anna Faris.

18. Will and Grace

Stunning Debra Messing as Grace who is an interior designer cohabits with a Gay Lawyer Will played by Eric Truman as a temporary arrangement but ends up being his permanent roommate. Adding to the chaos is Sean Hayes and Megan Mullaly and her chirpy voice 😀 promising to give you a good time. Popularity of this show brought them back for season 9, 10 and 11 after eleven years the show ended in 2006 after completing 8 seasons.

That’s right no compromise there

19. Parks and Recreation

Another feather in the hat kind of a show created by the makers of The Office U.S. Parks and Recreation is a show about always the optimistic and upbeat Leslie Knopp ( The best comedienne Amy Poehler) who is working for city’s parks and recreation department and is damn serious about it and her work and wants to develop a giant pit into a beautiful park often meeting resistance from self centered neighbors. More fun ensues when added to the mix is the master of none Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, Adam Scott, Retta, Rob Lowe and above all Nick Offerman with his legendary antics as Steak and breakfast food lover Ron Swanson, Leslie’s Boss.

20. The Goldbergs

Set in the 80’s The Goldbergs are a dysfunctional family where Adam the youngest son is recounting his childhood memories of growing up with his adorable and loving mother, high strung elder brother and popular, rebellious older sister with hot tempered dad and worldly wise grandfather.

Meet The Goldbergs

21. Young Sheldon

Spin-off from The Big Bang Theory depicting Sheldon Cooper’s early life and childhood before he moved to the University of Pasadena. If you had been thinking Sheldon is weird then wait till you meet his clan and then realize why is he the way he is? 😀 .

Young Shelly was right all along wash your hands people

22. Modern family

Three modern age, dysfunctional families but connected to each other on deeper levels more than they know. Trying hard to juggle with their coming of age kids, eccentric spouses, jobs and all the while maintaining the familial ties with each other. Last episode of the show’s finale aired about a month ago and there were tears. Literally, tears.

If you haven’t watched this already then you are missing out on a lot. So, get over that FOMO and binge watch this right now!

P.S. Falling in love with Sophia Vergara while watching this show is inevitable.

Family that clicks together stays together

23. Black-ish

Talking about families, how can we leave this great one behind. We love Anthony Anderson from his Big Momma Days and we love him now more than ever in this show. Tracee Ellis Ross is the epitome of beauty and adds oomph with her acting skills.

Be back for new season soon!

24. 2 Broke Girls

Caroline, a rich heiress who hasn’t worked a single day in her life suddenly loses all her wealth due to her arrested father’s failed ponzi scheme meets Max, a waitress working at a diner but has an amazing skill of making mouth drooling, delicious, exquisite cupcakes. Both start working at the same diner to make the ends meet and along the line become best friends. Watching these girls tackle all trying to live the dream will make you want to feel to become their BFFs.

Couldn’t agree more Max!

25. The Mindy Project

Mindy Lahiri an obstetrician and gynaecologist in NYC is single and wants to have a full life to get the perfect love life or lack thereof with the help of her weird fun loving colleagues.

26. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Cause females are strong as hell! Yes, this line from the title montage always gives me goose bumps and fills me with inspiration whenever I hear it. Created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, it’s a show based around Kimmy Schmidt who was rescued from a cult after 15 years she was kidnapped. Now, out and about in NYC she happens to rent a room with her gay roommate Titus who introduces her to the modern life and her inspiring him to never give up on your dreams. Together they are ready to face the life head on.

Absolutely, we are.

27. Malcolm in the Middle

What it is like to be a middle child? Duh, ask me! or ask Malcolm. 😀 with his crazy family and him being a raging teenager he is always somehow caught in the middle. Bryan Cranston doing an amazing job being a loving dad with Frankie Muniz being a perfectly played Malcolm – the middle child.

Always in the middle

28. Man with a Plan

So, Joey grew up finally, got married, and has kids. Unbelievable! Well in this show Matt LeBlanc has left the reckless Joey far away and now is a responsible, adorable dad of 3 kids. His wife in the show played by Liza Synder is a working nurse and is back to her job after a long hiatus. How Matt is going to handle three kids while running a business of his own with his brother while his wife is at work is sure a fun to watch. Will he able to juggle all this without making a mess? Relax guys, he has a plan after all he is the Man with a Plan.

And the plan worked

29. Marlon

This show is loosely based on Marlon Wayans own life. A divorced dad who is a famous personality on internet takes care of his children with his ex-wife Ashley. Often rescuing his best friend and roommate Stevie from tons of problems all the while facing the wrath of his ex wife’s best friend Yvette.

30. Ugly Betty

Reboot of the Spanish telenovela, Yosoy Betty, la fea (meaning: I am Betty, the Ugly one), produced by Hollywood’s dazzling leading actress Salma Hayek. Ugly Betty is a show about a young girl named Betty who wants to make it big in the fashion world despite her intelligence and charm she often feels rejected and rebuked because of unreal and unfair standards of beauty by this world. America Ferrara playing Betty has done a marvelous job along with funky Ana Ortiz as her elder sister and seasoned actor Tony Plana as their father. Watch your step Betty, for snarky, dubious yet elegant and poised Wilhelmina Slater played by Vanessa Williams to stir up the trouble. The woman who you would love to hate and Betty’s boss the ladies man Daniel Meade played by our most dramatic boy, Eric Mabius.

31. Everybody Loves Raymond

An obedient, dedicated son, brother and a caring, loving husband caught between the crossfire of his mother and wife? Phew! We don’t want to be in their line of fire. Instead, we would love to sit out and watch! 😀 Watch how Raymond Barone a successful sportswriter played by Ray Romano manages his work and family life all with his perky sense of humor and bright outlook towards life.

Man in demand – Raymond

32. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Quirky team of odd detectives in 99th precinct of NYC with a strict, new commanding officer. Detective Jay Peralta trying to win his respect and attention with his shenanigans usually craps the job rather making it. With Amy, Rosa, Gina the women power of the team with Terry, Joe and lazy Scully the criminals cannot escape. Noice, isn’t it!

Kudos to the team of 99th precinct

Tell me which ones you have already watched, are currently watching, planning to watch or re-watching. Also, let me know if I have missed any as I would love to hear and watch the ones you guys suggest.

Have fun binge-ing on these and tell me which ones you liked from this list in the comments section below.

Keep watching. Keep having fun. Stay safe you guys.

With love,

CurlyGirl <3

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