Best subscription boxes to look out for

Spruce or Mess? To be subscribed or not to be? Best subscription boxes to look out for!

Subscriptions, online shopping, subscriptions, clutter, ooh new offers! More online shopping and then some more subscriptions!

This is what we ladies go through every time we get subscription for a product or a beauty box service. From an ocean like varied market to offer us so much it is difficult to find that pearl amidst the Tsunami of an entire new giant wave of products and services getting launch whipped to us every single minute of the day.

Well, to be honest with you guys I have had my fair share of tryst with them and phew! Where some of them did burnt a hole in my pocket while some were cheap containing from mediocre products to some genuinely effective products that actually turned out to be my go-to solutions for beauty and skin care regimen as well as for a healthy well being.

So, over the past couple of years I have tried plenty and only found a handful of them worthy of your attention and money.

Fab Bag, Lujo Box and Being Juliet (this one is a PMS box) are those precious gems which will give you true value for your money which I will be reviewing here briefly.

Dedicated posts for each one of them will be coming soon. Really, really soon!

1. Fab bag (

This is one of the most popular bags and one of the leading subscription boxes out there which can give the rest of its competitors a run for their money. I have to admit that I have been a regular subscriber of Fab bag for over more than 2 years now. I had heard about this box in 2015 via an ad on Facebook. But, I finally made my first purchase only in 2017 after I started working and thought of giving this bag a try. Initially, it did surprise me with its content and the cute little pouch it comes with consisting the products which are far more worth of value than the subscription price we pay for.

Customers can opt for subscription packages as per their choice and budgets ranging from 1 month, 3 months, 6 and 12 months (Rs.599, 1599, 2899, 4999) respectively.

Also, there are renewal discount coupon codes among several others which you will receive from time to time to earn value for your membership which is pretty decent to save some money.. Please check out their on-going Quaran-sentials ( Fab bag offer to stock up during this quarantine. In all these years I have received plenty of products all from new to renowned brands which certainly made me wiser and increased my know how of the current beauty industry and they worked for me magically. Most of these I will be reviewing in my upcoming blog posts. So, stay tuned!

2. Lujo Box  (

Second on the list is also one of the leading, much talked about beauty essential subscription box which comes with variations of a special edition and a regular monthly box. The packaging is extremely sturdy which shows elegance and class in its own. It also can be used after for safe keeping intricate articles, jewellery or precious, little items which will only add dollops of oomph and style to your dresser. I had purchased Lujo Box edition for Rs.950.00. They also do send a special gift in every month’s Lujo Box to their subscribers. Only to add value to your package for the price you pay. Lujo box has a hair care edition which comes with a variety of subscription options suitable as per customer’s choice and convenience.

Price range starts from Rs.950.00 for 1 month, Rs. 2565.00 for 3 months, Rs.4845.00 for 6 months, Rs.9120.00 for 12 months and Rs.17100.00 for 24 months.

Go check out and subscribe one for yourself today.

3. Being Juliet (

So, ladies here we have, the one which we always desire to be there to look after us and to spoil us a little when we are PMSing and Being Juliet is the one to pamper us with its ample sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners, pain comforters and sanitation essentials to stock upon. Well that’s not the end of it, you even get a lot of goodies in this box with tasty, savory and healthy snacks, candies to make our taste buds go crazy, happy 😃. Being Juliet doesn’t stop to surprise, this box is delivered to you 5 days right before your period start date. Isn’t it awesome?!

You can buy this amazingly packed box of love and utmost care in 2 variants viz. Being Juliet and Being Jane.

Price range for Being Juliet the Premium Box with 15 sanitary supplies I Pain comforters I Thoughtful gifts is:

  • 1 Month- Rs.899/-
  • 3 Months- Rs.2397/-
  • 6 Months- Rs.4794/-
  • 1 Year – Rs.9588/-

Price range for Being Jane the Neccesity Box with 15 sanitary supplies I Sanitation essentials is:

  • 1 Month- Rs.499/-
  • 3 Months- Rs.1195/-
  • 6 Months- Rs.2394/-
  • 1 Year – Rs.4788/-

So, these were the 3 most budget friendly and value for money subscription boxes which I over the years have found extremely beneficial in my opinion and judgments. If you happen to like a certain product from the box and wish  to buy only that then please do checkout their websites given in the links which have Ala-Carte product list to shop from.  These can also be a great idea to gift these boxes to your family members, friends or a dear colleague which will show how much we love and care for them. Because at last, what could be better than the gift of tender compassion and warmth from someone who cares for them and this is the feeling they will cherish in their lives forever.

Come on, grab’em fast you adorable people! Also, do let me know how many of these you ended up buying and how did you liked them or if you have a subscription box which you like and is not on the list let me know here in the comments section below so that I can get my hands on it too 😁.

With Love,

CurlyGirl <3

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