Lujobox – The Premium Luxury Box

Lujobox – The Premium Luxury Box

Hey you brave hearts, I hope you all are doing great and are safe. Please know that we are in this together to defeat the global pandemic Corona Virus brutally and we will bounce back even stronger and harder.

Now, since, we are getting a bit accustomed to our stay-at-home quarantine life, we can somewhat make the most of it by looking after ourselves and pampering us a little, after a long hard day of our boring office work and running after those tedious chores and pesky household errands. We do deserve a little treat to indulge into. So, here I am as promised, with my latest blog post on Lujobox.

Lujobox pronounced as ‘Luho-Box’ in Spanish meaning Luxury Box is truly right to its name as one of the leading premium beauty subscription box.

I came across this box when I was looking to expand my collection of vanity products with unique ones.

So, to give this one a try I went ahead and purchased the Launch Edition Box which consists of:

  1. Quinta Essentia – Organic Lavender Hair Mask
  2. Wild Earth – Peach Grapes Cherry Body Butter
  3. La Cure – Mud Mask or La Cure – Facial Scrub Cream
  4. Tuzba Naturals Koffee Kat Body Scrub
  5. Elenblu – Crayon Gel Eyeliner ( Emerald Green or Regal Blue)

Now, let’s see one by one how they turned out and how I used them.

1. Quinta Essentia – Organic Lavender Hair Mask

All my life I had struggled with dry, damaged ends, frizzy hair among several other issues like hair fall, dandruff and etc. Doing chemical treatments to smooth them out twice within a year didn’t help either in fact they added to the damage even more. After trying this mask on my kinky curly hair I have to admit my hair felt so nourished and well hydrated within the first use.

I started applying a dime sized product on my dry ends first and then worked my way up to the mid shaft of my hair. After each and every strand of my hair was amply covered with the mask, I ran a wide toothed comb through my hair to evenly spread the product all over and gave myself a bit of a head massage for blood circulation.

My hair felt really super hydrated as if it has quenched their thirst! My head too was feeling cool and calm. Lavender fragrance of the mask calms your senses down and helps you relax. At this point of time you can even go for a hot towel therapy or wear an electric steamer cap for 5 to 10 minutes depending upon your suitability and convenience to let this mask get more absorbed into your hair.

After waiting for about 20-25 minutes I washed it off with my regular shampoo and conditioner and had let air dry.

I could feel that even without applying serum my hair were so soft, super silky and smelled even more great.

As for me Quinta Essentia – Organic Lavender Hair Mask worked wonders in uplifting my hair texture in minutes within its first application.

Size of the tube given in the box is good to go for about 2 uses for my shoulder length hair and you guys know how it depends upon the amount you use.

The intact packaging and tight fitting screw cap of the tube makes it extremely easy to carry anywhere you go as it is quite travel friendly. You can buy this mask solely as well from Lujobox’s Ala-carte product menu for Rs. 650.00 for 50 gms. here.

2. Wild Earth – Peach Grapes Cherry Body Butter

Well, I personally have a fascination for body butters than lotions because:

(a) Their ease of application as they are not runny and are spill proof and

(b) You can easily control the amount of application as they are thicker and you don’t end up overusing it.

Lujobox included its sachet which is good enough for at least two uses for medium dry skin. I used it immediately after I stepped out of the shower when your skin is more able to absorb the moisture faster than those other times. Boy! The way it blended and absorbed into my skin amazingly, it felt like silk.

I even loved the way it smelt with a pleasant fruity fragrance which uplifts your entire day!

The only thing I wished though was the packaging. It could have been more sturdy and practical like in a tub or tube which would have made it very easy for re-application and its portability. Since, it’s a sachet you can finish it off only in its first or second use because the product might come out oozing if not stored properly once opened.

It works well for parched, dry skin and I must say this is a perfect choice for winters and you can buy it here at Rs.550.00 for 15 gm.

Do tell me if it worked for you and how did you liked it.

3. La Cure – Mud Mask

Lujobox Special Edition offers one of the two La Cure products and you can get either La Cure Mud Mask or La Cure Facial Scrub Cream both of which are made up of natural Dead Sea minerals.

I received this mud mask in my box. Since, I have a super oily and acne prone skin I was very skeptical about what I apply to my face.  I was looking for a mud based face pack to control the oil coming out from my pores after a good face exfoliation and steam session. Lucky for me this mask couldn’t have come out at a better time 😉

So, I decided to give this one a try and when I opened the cap and squeezed the tube on my palm to my surprise and shock, runny muddy water drooled out instead of expected paste like mask. Therefore, I ended up applying almost half a tube to cover my entire face.

After waiting for around 15 minutes to let it dry I washed if off with plain water. It did its job pretty well. My skin felt supple and not even slightly oily even till next morning which was commendable since, my skin gets oily usually in 30 minutes after washing it with a cleanser.

The only thin disappointing here was its runny consistency. I just wish La Cure works on it and rolls out the product with slightly thicker texture which will be easier to apply to avoid spilling on your clothes during its application.

But, apart from this it is a product which gives visible results.

You can buy La Cure Mud Mask at Rs.499.00 for 30 gm here.

4. Tuzba Naturals Koffee Kat Body Scrub

Next on the list, Tuzba Naturals is an Indian company and has formed a pretty wide customer base very quickly among the Indian consumer market since its inception in 2016 with its varied skin essential products.

Their Koffee Kat body scrub claims to be nourishing and is handcrafted to give your body a rich feels and is said to be completely non abrasive.

I haven’t used this product yet but once I do I will definitely review it for you guys. Do tell me if you guys have used it in the comment section below.

You can buy it at Rs.350.00 for 100 grams from here.

5. Elenblu – Crayon Gel Eyeliner ( Emerald Green or Regal Blue)

Lujobox just doesn’t stop to surprise us!  Here, we can get either of the two variants of Elenblu Crayon Gel Eyeliner- Emerald Green or Regal Blue.

I had received Emerald Green variant of Crayon Gel Eyeliner in my Lujobox for which I had always wished to complete my collection 😉

Speaking about the Crayon Gel Eyeliner then let me tell you that I had tried plenty of high end brands from pencils to sketch pen eyeliners even powder and gel based liners but none of them I mean literally not even one were this pigmented like Elenblu is.

It was really delightful to get this eyeliner in Lujobox as it glides perfectly on my eye lids even though I have a sensitive skin it doesn’t irritates it at all. Instead, it is always a smooth application in one go.

Now, before you ask, let me tell you, Yes, a big YES! Ladies, you can definitely use it to draw a winged eyeliner and thousands of those coveted cat style eyeliner looks.

 Elenblu Crayon Gel Eyeliner claims to have a staying power of 14 hours. I had applied it for 5 hours and it stayed the way it was as when freshly applied. It didn’t even smudged once in fact, felt lighter on the eye lids as if nothing is on unlike, other eyeliners that start to feel heavy on the eyelids.

I didn’t required re-applications or touch ups while I was wearing it and it stayed put as it is.

 So, yes, this eyeliner is big thumbs up for me!

You can buy the Elenblu Crayon Gel Eyeliner at Rs.399.00 from here.

And the big surprise is……

Lujobox sent me a black t-shirt as their surprise gift in the launch edition with their logo printed on it in bold gold color on left.

The fabric of the t-shirt feels more like rayon or nylon so, its best suited for athletic or water based sports activities. It fits perfectly fine on me as it is quite stretchable. I am eagerly waiting to try it when I go out with my girl gang for my next outdoor sports activity.

Lujobox Launch edition is priced for Rs.950.00 (Use code- (150off) to get instant discount of 150 Rupees on LujoBox).

So, yes, it is a bit on higher end of the price as compared to other subscription boxes available out there.

Lujobox curates all the premium products like an assortment to offer only the best for their customers without any compromise which truly sets them apart from the crowd.

You can also check out the box and its other valuable variants

  1. Lujobox Hair edition
  2. Lujobox Face Care Edition
  3. Lujobox Personal Care Edition
  4. Lujobox Color Cosmetic Care Edition

Price range starts from Rs.950.00 for 1 month, Rs. 2565.00 for 3 months, Rs.4845.00 for 6 months, Rs.9120.00 for 12 months and upto Rs.17100.00 for 24 months

Lujobox is currently offering tons of discounts and super saving offers. You can use code LOVE during check out here for 10% discount.

These are currently available ready to be shipped out to take care of you during this quarantine.

Do let me know what all products you have tried and which ones you want me to review.

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I will catch up with you guys in my next blog post till then, stay safe and stay at home. Take care of yourselves and of your loved ones and do keep washing your hands regularly and always remember, we are the brave hearts and we will beat this pandemic.

With love,

Curly Girl <3

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